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June 15, 2020—Atlanta, Georgia—Appos, a go-to-market firm in the utility industry, today welcomed two new partners to meet a growing need for its services: market intelligence, go-to-market strategies, and positioning, strategic marketing plans, high-value content, and sales coaching.

James Riley, formerly the Chief Strategy Officer for VertexOne will expand the breadth and depth of Appos’ market intelligence and go-to-market strategies. Christina Corcoran, formerly the Director of Marketing for Hansen Technologies, will focus on strategic market planning and sales alignment.

“Understanding the needs of energy and utilities—including a future view of the challenges ahead—is where James and Christina excel,” says Vanessa Edmonds, Appos’ founder. “They have gained knowledge and the hard-earned respect of utility leaders through the significant contributions they have made to the go-to-market value chain over the course of their careers.”

The industry’s future, compared to what analysts and strategists saw when companies were establishing their go-to-market plans at the beginning of 2020, looks quite different today. As a result, with its proven approach to helping clients adapt and resonate, Appos is being called upon to help technology providers understand what utilities need, or will need, and adapt and communicate accordingly.

“Prior to the Coronavirus, technology providers recognized the role they needed to play helping utility companies understand and adapt to the significant challenges coming their way. But many had not yet considered whether their go-to-market approach accurately and effectively was communicating their ability to do this,” says Vanessa. “It’s about proving that you have the DNA to go the distance with them (your brand promise), and proving it through your track record, knowledge of the gritty, point-in-time challenges keeping them up at night, and the relevancy of your solutions to solve their problems. This is what a good go-to-market approach is all about.”

“By joining the Appos team in a partnership capacity, James and Christina will be instrumental in increasing our go-to-market capabilities and bandwidth, and everyone who knows them agrees,” concludes Vanessa.

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With a passion for helping utility companies survive and thrive against the backdrop of major market disruption, Appos is a team of go-to-market visionaries, researchers, strategists, and marketers who help technology companies resonate with their utility customers through a unique, relevant and powerful blend of “Experience. On Demand.”

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